Ubuntu @ SMAU

Hello world! Hello Planet!

I’m Flavia and I’m a member of Italian LoCo Team.

This is my first post here on Ubuntu Planet!  I (finally) have found the right way to share my ideas and tell you some of the things I make here, in this slice of world called Rome, Italy.

So let’s start!

Next week, the 21st October I’ll be in Milan with Luca Ferretti @SMAU! Ubuntu will land in the heart of tech-fairy in Italy and this will be a great opportunity to meet a different target. WOW really exciting challenge!

Then, on friday 22nd we’ll be in Siena @ GNUnisi Day (thank you Paolo Sammicheli!) and I’ll try to carve out a small amount of time to talk about Ubuntu Women-it and our effort to involve feminine partecipation in FLOSS.

Finally on Saturday, we’ll be @ Rome University for Linux day!

What a week!

If you are in the neighborhood you’re welcome! Otherwise stay tuned, I’ll summarize next time!