Ubuntu @ SMAU

Hello world! Hello Planet!

I’m Flavia and I’m a member of Italian LoCo Team.

This is my first post here on Ubuntu Planet!  I (finally) have found the right way to share my ideas and tell you some of the things I make here, in this slice of world called Rome, Italy.

So let’s start!

Next week, the 21st October I’ll be in Milan with Luca Ferretti @SMAU! Ubuntu will land in the heart of tech-fairy in Italy and this will be a great opportunity to meet a different target. WOW really exciting challenge!

Then, on friday 22nd we’ll be in Siena @ GNUnisi Day (thank you Paolo Sammicheli!) and I’ll try to carve out a small amount of time to talk about Ubuntu Women-it and our effort to involve feminine partecipation in FLOSS.

Finally on Saturday, we’ll be @ Rome University for Linux day!

What a week!

If you are in the neighborhood you’re welcome! Otherwise stay tuned, I’ll summarize next time!


5 thoughts on “Ubuntu @ SMAU

  1. I hope to not being rude or anything by pointing this out on your very first blog post, but…
    since i think that the sooner it’s fixed, the better…

    your rss contains only the snippet of the post, and when an user is reading you from the planet or another feed aggregator is not nice to have him/her to leave it and go to visit the original page (unless there’s a good reason like some neat javascript demo or some ugly flash video applet that wouldn’t work otherwise, that is)

    ciaociao 🙂

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