A bit(e) about Women, Italy and FLOSS

It will be pleasant (or I hope so) to know some news, some good news from Italy (probably better than newspaper’s ones!).

I’d like to inform everyone whose may concerns, that is born a new list donne@softwarelibero.it gathering women involved in free software.

A little story about us…

In Perugia, we had a Ubuntu – Debian Italian Community meeting and there were the opportunity to talk about female involvement in both Ubuntu and Debian Community.

But there was a Fedora Ambassador too and many other women who study and collaborate in free software… so here the idea: a single list for all!

The List

The list is simply donne@softwarelibero.it and http://www.fsugitalia.org/donne/doku.php is the related Wiki. We had a IRC Channel too #donne-softwarelibero.

Our aims

Of course our aim is to grow feminine involvement in free software movement, but is to know each other too, a place to meet and build friendly relations with everyone, women or men, who are interested in feminine matters.

I’m been very pleased in Debian project leader Stefano Zacchiroli’s interest, and I’m sure this can’t be greet less enthusiastically even in Ubuntu side!