I am slain.

As purple bloom
my blood drips:
drop to drop
it flourish on the icy

And one and two and three
and four
And one and two and three
and four
And one and two and three
and now
and more

And slowly
the piano vanishes
from hit and sin
by white and
you wink and sneer
glad in the broken
mirror, proud
to be deep down

Hash liar
you tear me in pounds
but heart beats





I cry for the screech
of the keys,
for the darkness of the vice
for the emperors’ lies.

Rats rapt by black
of the eyes
they are wide open mouths
cum dirty lips
of rouge.


Dw-arf d-arf
arf is the noise
and the size
of whom has lost
the shame,
the grace of the
rotten worms
infecting the rooms
of the law.



The rubble can’t sleep
it is too busy screaming.

From the ground floor
what really counts is number,
that isn’t really ground
or even at least one:
It is less then a few
it’s the zero
the round and perfect o
of a lidless eye.

Where the heartbeats beat
now there is only still,
the hushed weep
of the shovel,
the mournful rustle
of the broom
which moves dust apart
from the roots of time.

On the sly
nightmares laugh.



When the mist claims
bloodshed for her
I’ll have to flee from
the dreamt garden.

We’re all swearwords
upon salty lips
we’re all relieved
from the enchanted mess.


— untitled —

Rise already eclipsed
this rising sun
black as
an oil tear
sliding beside the length
of a shovel arm.

Deeper and deeper
only white bones

Where is the gate
to my seething blood?

Maybe in the hum
of your thoughts.


Ubuntu Women @ GGD!

It’s with a great thrill that I announce the birth of a partnership between Ubuntu Women-it and Girl Geek Dinners!

Thanks to Silvia Bindelli and the work she has made with the branch of GGD localized in Milan, they asked us to write some articles and how-to about Ubuntu.

In the first one (that I have written) I’ve presented the main values of our Community, the Ubuntu Promises, our working team, the ways in which is possible collaborate in translating, developing, promoting activities.

This one will be followed by many other guides written by other Ubuntu Women-it members which deal more technical matters as Installation and disk partition, media player and GIMP, Internet browsing and social networking.

Furthermore Silvia and me are working on a four hand article concerning DE in which we could explain features of GNOME (that is my DE) and KDE (hers one).

Articles are scheduled monthly and will be published on www.girlgeekdinnersitalia.com pages.

Moreover, next week, on Friday 19th we’ll attend to next GGD event in Rome, that I cared, where we’ll have three speech about Open Source, Ubuntu Women project and donne@softwarelibero list.

The happening will be promoted by Impresa Semplice, a branch of Telecom Italia and it’s open to everyone: the first 130 booking are free of charge and will be served a light dinner in a very friendly and smart place, characterised by a unique post-industrial architecture, a former textile plant now place for female cutting edge events.

It will be a nice way to communicate and we hope to involve a female public in the FLOSS world.


Further informations are available on GGD Blog http://www.girlgeekdinnersroma.com/

Article about Ubuntu is at http://www.girlgeekdinnersitalia.com/2011/02/ubuntu-unintroduzione/ (italian)

List of planned guides will be soon published at http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/It