GNOME is dead, long life to Gnome.

GNOME is dead. OK, not yet, really but it’s walking through a narrow street that is leading there.

Why? No, not exactly, the problem isn’t GNOME/Gnome OS. Someone wants ape Android with a new OS? Welcome! I hear the laughs out a mile, but it is free software, or it should be so.
Welcome. That is the question. I consider myself a relatively new born in FLOSS, but the most important lesson I’ve learned is collaboration. And coopetition too, why not. We’re different from each other, we think, talk, have different opinions, visions, ideas. But we respect. We DO respect.

The importance of a code of conduct.

The existence of a GNOME Code of Conduct Anti Signature page,  shows without the needing of other words what some (a few I hope) GNOME people think about code of conduct.
That should be probably trivial,  but it reflects a misbehavior that is coming every day more usual and could be summarized in: I have right, you are wrong, whoever you could be. In Italy we call that “celodurismo” (“I have it hard”-ism) maybe the ground grade of a machism frustrated and powerless.

Now a simple question for everyone.
I’m talking to developer and maintainers: how long and why a developer should swallow that her/his work has to be submitted to someone who decides what is right and what is wrong refusing every suggestions only because he is right?
I think that we in Ubuntu should learn this lesson well. We have a code of conduct, we have an anti-harassment code, we are people first. To grow again we have to maintain our inclusive way to be. That is our, Ubuntu strength, our respect for everyone. Distro are useless? Distro only make packages and pretend to contribute to FLOSS? I smile. Please, please, remain there, laughing alone.