Hi Copenhagen!

Really too much time has passed since last time I wrote something on this blog, but now it’s time to catch the pen again and write to share a great news: for the first time I’ll be able to attend to next UDS! WOW!

It’s really exciting to me finally to have the opportunity to meet in person all the people that works behind the great community called Ubuntu, and especially I’m very proud to be there to meet all that women that in these years are been so inspiring to me, and now gave me their trust asking to be Ubuntu Women co-leader, with Silvia Bindelli, of course.

It all happened suddenly… a pizza at Trastevere and a indefeasible invitation :«Do you want to attend to the UDS? You can stay by my home».

What could I respond? «Ohhhh yes!!!! Thank you so much!»
So saturday 27th I’m leaving, with Luca Ferretti of course 🙂

What also can I say?

Life sometimes is strange, and things simply happen…


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