The hidden work (OPW week #3)

It seems very incredible, but I’ve already arrived at my third week of this wonderful adventure that this OPW is representing for me.

Almost a quarter of this trip is over and I’m here to tell what I’ve done.

Marketing work is hidden, but I knew it. All the subtle details you see, even those you don’t notice, require painstaking labor, and there is much I’ve done, much I’m working on and, of course, much I’ve planned to do.

Article about Keyboard data.

GNOME desktop is released in many localized versions. GNOME developers refer to a database to predict which keyboard layouts are relevant to a user. The developers are collecting data to fix database bugs and to improve localization.

This is the post I’ve written (thanks to Allan for his patience!) and this is the project page.

 Next article instead will concern Andrea Veri, who has joined GNOME as a part-time SysAdmin: we’ve already discussed the key elements of this post, and write it will be one of the tasks I’ll devote the next few days. 🙂

Interviews! Interviews!

I’ve been asked by Karen to help her in preparing some interviews to very cool GNOME 3 users.

And the first one is really really cool: Greg Kroah-Hartman.

 What I’ve done is to compose a draft for a questionnaire, divided in three sections: the first one with some general questions about how and when the interviewee began to use GNOME3, which part of GNOME 3 she/he likes most, if they use extensions, and so on.

The second part strictly depends on interviewee, there are questions involving her/his interests; the third part consists of tips for newcomers and the request for a quote: I believe our interviewees are inspiring people, and I like to ask them who/what has been inspiring for them.

I’ve sent everything to Greg, I hope to make this interview public very soon, I’m very excited and proud of this work.

Many thanks to Karen for making my questions smarter – she is an awesome donna. 🙂 –

Now I’m planning to interview Brett Legree, I’m wondering what can I ask a nuclear engineer!

Outreach project.

This is probably the project that will ask my effort during all my OPW.

Sriram asked me to do marketing research about newcomers: to list key elements in successful outreach.

What I’ve found is that, generally, a successful outreach depends from a good mentorship.

As Sriram has brilliantly summarized, you need a human touch.

But this is only the first step to plenty understand how can GNOME Community becoming as welcoming as it desires to be.

I was planning to prepare a survey to submit to newcomers, current and past OPW and SoC interns, but Marina suggested me to contact Kevin Carrillo, who reached out to several open source communities with a survey in late 2012, focusing on outreach activities, and got hundreds of responses.

We got in touch and now we’ll work together for a while.

I don’t know where we’ll arrive, but we’re going. 🙂

FoG meme.

More than a project, this is an idea I had.

I was drinking a cup of tea from my GNOME mug, and I thought that could be funny make and share a G+ post showing the mug and linking FoG campaign (this is my post).

I work very much to this post, that in my idea should be re-shared like a “meme”.

Unfortunately, at moment this post is still unsatisfying, is lacking of groove and even if Juanjo Marin spent some of his night-time time to work on it with me, I’m not sure this project will be completed. 😦

Ok, I suppose that for this time is really enough!

If you like, you could put an eye on my sandbox, where I write-up my ideas…

For all the rest…stay tuned, news are arriving! 🙂


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