Blogging time! (OPW week #8)

Blogging time here in Rome!
Last two weeks have been very demanding for me… Moreover flu and elections (I have run as officer) stroke me hard.
Nevertheless, I’ve done my job πŸ™‚

Ad articles!

During last days I’ve completed the interview to Andrea Veri. I wrote an article and explained the hard work of sysadmin πŸ™‚
I uploaded to, and hope that very soon it will be available to be read!

UPDATE: my article is finally out! Thanks to Fabiana, Andreas and Juanjo!!! You can read it here!

Interviews! Interviews!

Finally I’ve completed the interview to Greg KH, I need to collect a pair of interviews to start publishing them.
But it’s ready… stay tuned πŸ™‚

Then I’ve prepared and sent questions to interview Brett Legree… I’m waiting for his answers πŸ™‚

Moreover, I’m looking for some GNOME 3 users to purpose for new interviews… And I have some cats in my bags…

GNOME 3.8 release plan.

In a month GNOME 3.8 will be released, and everyone in marketing team is very excited and deeply involved in release notes and press release writing.

I don’t feel very comfortable with release notes, but I’d like to put my experience as journalist on press release.

In relation of GNOME 3.8 release instead, I’ve planned with Allan to write a couple of interviews, and I’ve set the first one with William Jon McCann for next Friday…

…and last but not least…..

My work on newcomers is still in progress… I’m working on something new that improves the research I’ve just done…

But this will be a surprise…

New interesting issues are coming… Stay connected!

Flavia πŸ™‚


One thought on “Blogging time! (OPW week #8)

  1. > Moreover, I’m looking for some GNOME 3 users to purpose for new interviews
    What should people interested in interviewing with you do?

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