GNOME 3.8: Proud to be there

GNOME 3.8 has been finally released, as everybody knows.
But what really you can’t imagine, it’s the deep sense of pride and excitation you can try out in feeling yourself part of this fantastic adventure.
I’m member of Ubuntu, but albeit I’ve always taken part of Marketing team, I’ve never felt so involved previously.
I suppose it depends from the deep differences in power relations between Canonical and Ubuntu in regard of a community driven project as GNOME.
I haven’t wrote code, or drawn interfaces, but I’ve been asked to write up a draft of Press Release, and I can swear it has been exciting.
Obviously everyone in Marketing team made of his best to improve earlier text, and I feel it was born as a awesome mix of different passions and backgrounds.
What I really get from this experience is that everyone is truly capable to add his help in this project, and that GNOME 3.8 is really a common effort.

GNOME 3.8 has been the very first release I’ve been involved to, and I’m proud to be there.


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