I’m very excited to share with you all this great change in my life!

I’m moving to Edinburgh! Yes, sometime life knocks at our doors, and we need to open 🙂

Moving to UK was a buzz in my mind since a very long time, and finally I have had the opportunity to achieve it, and next Friday, April 19th, I’ll be there!!!

I’m very happy, of course, but it’s a huge challenge, which probably I would not have been able to face without my OPW experience: everyday job in English, that is not my native language, gave me the self-confidence I need to make this choice.

 In Edinburgh I hope to find a stimulating environment for my life and my writing, some new friends, and, why not? A good job.

I’ve spent my OPW in GNOME Marketing team and I’ll be really delighted to exploring new employment opportunities, maybe (but not only, of course) in FOSS (if you know of any that might be a good fit, don’t be ashamed to contact me :P!!!)

And, last BUT not least, I hope (and I’m pretty sure) people from GNOME and Ubuntu living in Edinburgh which are reading this post, will be so welcoming as Ubuntu and GNOME communities have been with me.

 See you in UK!

 Lovely from,



11 thoughts on “Moving to Edinburgh!

  1. Have fun in Edinburgh, I lived there for a few years. One of my favourite cities on the planet.

    Check out, and you’ll meet most of the Free Software / Startup companies up there.

  2. Hi Flavia; Welcome to Edinburgh! As well as, you’ll find a lot of interesting Linux people at also there’s a hackerspace at who recently had a mini maker faire.
    Hope you like it here

  3. Apart from the weather (which is crazy wet/cold for this time of year), Scotland is an amazing place and Edinburgh my favourite city, having lived here the past 18 years.
    It’s an unusual city, almost too small to be called a “city”, more like a sprawling village. I love it, and I’m sure you will too. Apart from the weather… 🙂

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