Smile! You’re on PRISM

I’ve been very impressed during last days from the PRISM affair, but what really touched me, has been the totally mental reaction people had and newspaper spread about this fact.
Far to chime-in Mr Orwell, it is absolutely normal to me that when an authority has the tool and the power to control, it will do.
I was 12 when, for the very first time I realised that not everything of my life could be share on the public square. And internet is, definitely a public square. Social networking implies to be very careful about what could be share there and what has to be private. And private is unwired. There is a world out from internet, the perfect place to share emotions, passions and love.
There is nothing unexpected in the fact NSA checks our lives through internet, but it is in people astonishing about this and shares contents they have shame of.
But this opens of course a huge issue: if internet, and cloud, are so vulnerably to the Big Brother’s eye, privacy becomes a very relevant matter.
I totally agree the effort Open source (and GNOME) are spending for privacy, but is it enough?
When a so massive menace is incumbent over our digital life, could be Open source an answer?


6 thoughts on “Smile! You’re on PRISM

  1. The only thing is, Ubuntu are helping this surveillance along, in plain sight, by fetching targeted Amazon ads (yes, they’re ads, let’s not pretend otherwise) over unencrypted HTTP, even when the intended purpose of the search shouldn’t need to hit the network at all. Mark Shuttlecock has even accused people of being “McCarthyists” for speaking out against Canonical’s many transgressions. Choose your allegiances wisely. Canonical only care about “the community” when it serves their purpose.

  2. Yet GNOME developers think that encryption and OTR support in Telepathy framework is not a critical feature.

  3. The real point is about politics. This is not just what STASI and KGB did in Cold War times? This is not the case of being ashamed about what to post, but that the big brother is survelling us in order to track political dissidents. This is not right, this offends democratic sense.

    • This is not right, this offends democratic sense.

      It does! But since we live in a web-shaped world, I think nobody of us is really free. So you can decide to keep this problem in mind and be careful of what you share or you can decide to be invisible to this Eye. And turn your mobile off. 🙂

  4. Saying “the internet is a public square” is like saying “the post office is a public square”. In most supposedly free countries, we don’t expect our letters to be opened and read by the postman.

    It has nothing to do with shame. If I order some porn on DVD from Amazon, I have an expectation that the postman will not open the package and judge me. Likewise, he has no business reading my bills or bank statements.

    The NSA has no business reading my email, tracking my chat messages, listening in on my Skype calls, or looking at the websites I visit unless I explicitly make that information public OR they have a warrant and reasonable grounds to suspect me of a crime.

    Simply using the internet to do something should not be a matter of public record.

    I have nothing to hide, but that doesn’t mean I am okay with government snooping into my life.

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