Startups a confronto. #SMR6

Tornare da un evento come il Silicon Milk Roundabout nel cuore di Londra è decisamente interessante.

Mette a nudo, in poche parole, non solo le differenze tra la situazione italiana e quella di oltremanica, ma anche e soprattutto l’idea e le prospettive che differenziano due mercati così differenti.


La differenza più significativa è nel fatto che, nel confronto con l’Italia, in cui per la maggior parte le startups vedono al loro attivo un Team size ridotto all’osso, le startup presenti al #SMR6 avevano una media e una longevità ben più alta.

Definire Badoo una startup mi è sembrato forse davvero riduttivo – ma possiamo comunque considerarla come nome di richiamo dell’evento – ma in ogni caso Team size di 100 persone non erano così rare.

La seconda caratteristica di queste startups era la loro chiarezza in fatto di mission, brand e identità, business model. Pochissime volte mi è capitato di trovarmi di fronte a situazioni meno che ben struttuate, con una perfetta consapevolezza del target di riferimento. Niente startup ad altissimo (e fumoso) tasso tecnologico, insomma, ma progetti, obiettivi, strumenti.

E proprio per questo non avevano certo paura di collaborare e crescere insieme, dividendo spazi e costi.

Code first.

Il terzo elemento significtivo era il codice. L’idea che univa tutte queste realtà aziendali era il fatto di utilizzare gli strumenti informatici a supporto di un business model: questo era il modo di affrontare la sfida della scalabilità e della globalizzazione.

Ma prima di tutto c’era una idea, qualcosa da vendere, che fosse un servizio B2B, un dolcetto o dei contenuti top tailored: tanto arrosto e poco fumo, per dirla in breve.

Probabilmente anche per questo a fronte delle circa 60 startup presenti il primo giorno, dedicato all’UX design, al product management, al marketing, ce n’erano quasi il doppio il giorno successivo, in cui la ricerca era volta alle figure tecniche.

We’re hiring!

L’obiettivo del SMR era quello di mettere in contatto direttamente le aziende e i candidati, attraverso un processo di prima scrematura, e di seconda selezione (io sono stata selezionata top gold candidate) e tenendo ben alla larga i recruiters.

Questo significa che le aziende presenti erano ben interessate a investire in professionalità che creassero/sviluppassero o sostenessero il core business della startup, cercando però persone interessate alla condivisione di un progetto, che non appartiene, gelosamente custodito, ai fondatori, ma è come una onda che si deve propagare velocemente.

E proprio per questo sono disposti a spendere i circa 10000 pounds che costava lo stand per i due giorni.

Money everywhere

Image600 jobs filled, 950 vacancies, 7 milioni di pound risparmiati nella selezione del personale. Business cards, acqua, birra, vino, coca cola, caffè, cioccolato, cappuccini gratis. No, non gratis. Sponsorizzati. Occasione per farsi notare, per rimanere impressi. Offrire un servizio in cambio di visibilità, di qualcosa da portare con te. Un nome, un pensiero, un ricordo.

Certo non come Togethera, che ha portato un pitone vivo (lo vedete in braccio a me qui a destra), ma qui c’è una bella dfferenza tra investire e buttare via i soldi.

Perché every single penny matters.

p.s. A latere dell’evento mi piace segnalare alcune delle startup che hanno attirato la mia attenzione. Magari può essere un buono spunto.

Moo: eCommerce – http://uk.moo.com/

Graze: food – http://www.graze.com/uk/

Notinthehighstreet: eCommerce – http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/

Bossa studio: Social and mobile gaming – http://www.bossastudios.com/


Silicon Milk Roundabout #6 – London. Great expectations.


Really great expectations for the Silicon Milk Roundabout in London. I will attend on Saturday (but I will be around also on Sunday), Product day, looking for some interesting position in Communication & Marketing.

I have been very – and positively – surprised opening my e-mail today and reading that I’ve been picked as a Gold Top candidate, due my high relevant skills. Awesome!

I do really thanks both Ubuntu and GNOME communities to gave me the opportunity, in time, to improve my skills, and to face day-by-day an international environment which so much gives a boost to my competence.

Startup is the world of future: it’s quite easy to understand that the most exciting ideas of next 5 years will be developed in a startup and have the opportunity to meet them all under the same roof means to glance between future’s pages..

Which startup would you bet on?

And if you would bet on me, here you are 5 good reason to do it!

See you on Saturday!



I’m curiousAbout things, world, food
I can’t stop being fascinated by the wonder of life and human thought. Two days ago I was speaking with an old friend, comparing Euler’s identity and the Dirac equation to decide which of two was richer in beauty.
I’m an avid reader. The saddest day in my life  was when I realized I would never be able to read all the books I could love in my entire life. The second saddest day was when I realized world is too small.

This pushed me to choice. This led me to focus on details, appreciate little things, start living.

You need to give a direction to your projects,  and gather tips from the road around: every single detail matters, every experience is worth living, it is the ray of light that make our life shine.

I took a flight from home and I found my place here, 2000 miles away, just because it was what I considered right for me. 2000 miles away. Far but not too far: I’m brave, not insane.

I’m a writerAnd taught creative writing
I write. Writing is like jazz: 99% application, 1% inspiration. Inspiration is the light dragonfly twirling on a solid stone: you have to nourish the first, letting the world sows you emotions, but there will be a solid rock to support your inspiration. Theory of writing (starting from Milan Kundera and Italo Calvino essays), metric, rhytm, rethoric, style: this is my background, which I taught in my creative writing courses. During my lessons, I also introduced elements of lateral thinking applied to creativity (following samples from Edward De Bono theories), use of juxtaposition of casual  elements or playing with words associations in order to providing suggestions, and inspire creativity.
I have published about ten books: my poems (you can have a taste on my blog)  and my short novels hide a strong work on words, to reduce to essential: a word is a sign of the soul.

I’m open minded  – But focused on Communication
I chose the world of publishing because it gave me the opportunity to do what I love to do: write. I write everyday, and almost every day I have to write a review or an introduction to a book, an article, some personal writings.

But starting from some years ago, I felt something was missing: the broadband helped me to be connected with other people worldwide. I met FLOSS, I joined the Ubuntu community and most recently GNOME. I  am a communicator in a world of coders, and instigated interviews with the Ubuntu community on National radio and television many times, and in major daily national newspapers.

Finally, the coming of social media anted up, and I needed to call: among other, I’ve been asked to maintain GNOME group LinkedIn profile.

What will be the next challenge?

I am Italian   – Naturally disposed to art and design.

I come from Rome, which means to have a Caravaggio in every church and Bernini at every corner.
But Rome means also Renzo Piano’s Auditorium, Zaha Hadid’s MAXXI – National museum of 21st century art – Richard Meier’s Jubilee Church, and I don’t talk about fashion…
I’ve not only grown in beauty, I deeply study history of art, and especially XX Century art, pop art, action painting, Neo-expressionism and trans-avantgard, and later, street art & graffiti culture.
I supported the study of art and design with Gestalt principles, applying them to discover tricks and grids of visual communication related to advertising.
I’m quite clever in finding harmony, and use anomalies to put in evidence concepts or keywords.

Genius breaks rules, but knows them well.

I have a positive attitude to life   – But I ask and give respect.

Act like an adult think like a child. I always protected my inner part preserving my capability to be moved.

Life is hard, working is hard, but maybe it could be better if we face them dressed in our best frock: a shining smile (with a touch of M.A.C. Russian Red, of course!).

I’m happy when I have found an inusitate solution (I love puzzle adventure video games, of course), when my work or my acts increase the general level of happiness of people I’m dealing with, I love brainstorming and exchange of ideas, because every word could be a trigger for great things.

I love finding new point of views,  I love experiment and challenge myself: it is when you are supposed to lose that you usually win.

If my words tickle your fancy, please knock at my door: I’m always curious to see what lies behind 🙂