CFP: Codemotin Conference supports women application!


Hi all!
The most of you here around knows me ad a member of both Ubuntu and GNOME communities, but today I’m writing in behalf of Codemotion Conference organisation.
I want share and make you aware of a great opportunity for women to show up and getting involved: Codemotion Conference.
Codemotion is the biggest tech conference in Italy and one of the greatest in Europe, open to all languages and technologies. It’s the hub connecting technologies and coders.
We are currently running CFP for
CODEMOTION MILAN 20-21 november, Deadline september 8th
CODEMOTION BERLIN 2-3 November Deadline august 16th
CODEMOTION TEL AVIV December, Deadline september 30th
We are looking for disruptive proposals ranging from mobile to UX, devops, cloud, big data, gamedev, security, methods, languages, web, Internet of things.
Submissions that do not fit into these categories are also welcome, provided that they are relevant or inspirational to the tech community.
If you have a technical content you wish to share, please consider to apply now.
Some facts about 2014:
  • 4 main conferences with an average of:
  • 8 tracks
  • 100 tech talks
  • 40% international speakers (10% women)
  • more than 7000 attendees across Europe
  • more than 100 tech-communities
  • more than 350 speakers
  • a network of +30.000 developers
We do promote women participation in tech, so please of you want to share some tech contents or if you know someone who could be interested, don’t be shy and apply.
This is our website
This is our CoC
I can assure we are working hard to make the conference the most welcoming experience, and I would be really proud to offer to some other women in FLOSS an opportunity to tread such an exciting board.
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me: flavia.weisghizzi@codemotion.it
Hope to see you around!

Codemotion! C4P! -4 to go.


Curtains down on FOSSDEM and a new show is already ready to go!

Yesterday I went to the first Codemotion Techmeetup @Luissenlabs, a centre of excellence as start-ups Accelerator in Rome.

After almost an year far from home, it has been a good opportunity to meet some old good friends, among others Paola  “wonderpaolastra”  Santoro, from GGD-Rome, to whom we talked about Women in tech.

Born from the experience of Javaday, Codemotion is the event open to all (open) languages and technologies. The Italian stage of international tour will be held in Rome, from 9 to 12 April… If you’ll be around it could be interesting come and say “Hello!”. I attended a couple of editions, and I had a talk about Ubuntu some times ago, but I think nowadays Mara Marzocchi and Chiara Russo, the founders couple, gave to the event a more business oriented perspective.

Networking, Gaming and Hackhaton for a conference sponsored by Google, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, with the participation of international speakers and a huge space for Communities.

C4P is still open till 9 Febrary, and I’m wondering to submit. And you?


Sunday stuff…


Sunday afternoon…

Only some hours last before I take my flight to Prague to reach my first GUADEC and I’m very very excited!!!

My luggage is very far to be ready, my presentation is on its way (BTW, timetable has change, my talk about Outreaches will be on Thursday, August 1st, at 2:00 pm!!!) but meanwhile…

If you don’t know how spend your waiting time till Conference starts, and you didn’t already be aware of them, you can read what our great keynote speakers answered to my questions!!!

Let’s discover Ethan Lee and Cathy Malmrose!

Thank you very much to all marketing team to help me delivering these interviews at my best!


Flavia 🙂



It’s always very exciting have the opportunity to meet face to face people you’re used to deal with on IRC or via mail.

I knocked on GNOME’s door in autumn and I need to say that this choice changed my life: I met some very valuable persons which let me step-in GNOME circle of trust. And that’s great!

And now… GUADEC is coming, and I’ll attend for my very first time!

I do thanks Travel Committee to have accepted my request of sponsorship and GUADEC papers committee to have accepted my talk in which I’ll present my work about outreaches.

And, of course all the friends who supported me during last months!

But much stuff is cooking… Don’t miss incoming news!

Can’t wait to meet you all in Brno!




I’m very excited to share with you all this great change in my life!

I’m moving to Edinburgh! Yes, sometime life knocks at our doors, and we need to open 🙂

Moving to UK was a buzz in my mind since a very long time, and finally I have had the opportunity to achieve it, and next Friday, April 19th, I’ll be there!!!

I’m very happy, of course, but it’s a huge challenge, which probably I would not have been able to face without my OPW experience: everyday job in English, that is not my native language, gave me the self-confidence I need to make this choice.

 In Edinburgh I hope to find a stimulating environment for my life and my writing, some new friends, and, why not? A good job.

I’ve spent my OPW in GNOME Marketing team and I’ll be really delighted to exploring new employment opportunities, maybe (but not only, of course) in FOSS (if you know of any that might be a good fit, don’t be ashamed to contact me :P!!!)

And, last BUT not least, I hope (and I’m pretty sure) people from GNOME and Ubuntu living in Edinburgh which are reading this post, will be so welcoming as Ubuntu and GNOME communities have been with me.

 See you in UK!

 Lovely from,



Ubuntu, GNOME and OPW.

It seems hard to believe but this last OPW months flew like the wind.

My first thought is a HUGE THANKS to all the women which work behind this project, first of all Karen and Marina.

I have been lucky, and I have had the opportunity to work with Karen, who mentored me (and Sriram too, of course!) and this has been an excellent chance to prove myself in an very international environment with people of great competency, and everybody knows competency is the first quality of an outstanding ledership.

This round of OPW is closed, but another one is approaching: another opportunity for new lady rock stars to full try out their competences, in coding, marketing, design and so on

Next round will be held in june/september 2013 and submission deadline is on May 1st: complete details of next round are available here: OutreachProgramForWomen.

This program is an unique opportunity to work with awesome women in every part of the world… why don’t you take a look and have your try?

My only regret in these three months has been that I haven’t met any women coming from Ubuntu.

Participating organizations come from very different FOSS projects, from KDE and from GNOME, from Debian, Mozilla, Wikimedia, just to remember the more famous, but it’s very sad to me to realize that Ubuntu isn’t involved at all, as project and as people.

As a Ubuntu Women co-leader I really hope that my experience will serve. I found a great effort from everybody to make me feel comfortable albeit I’m not an English native speaker and I was really much more tied to Ubuntu than Fedora or GNOME communities.

I’ll be enlightened if this could encourage the build of bridges between Ubuntu Women and OPW, and, why not, be the first step to consider GNOME people as a counterpart again.

I believe every woman in FOSS really rocks, and I really hope all women will find a way to walk together again 🙂


Outreach report (part II)

During the first part of my OPW, I spent much of my time in investigating the issues newcomers could encounter in approaching FOSS. Results of my work, are available here.
Starting form these results, I’ve spent some time in second part of my internship in studying how to apply what I’ve discovered in the GNOME environment.
I’ve tried to provide some answers to the questions I met: I share with you the result of my work.

Classification of newcomers.

I’ve try out that newcomers could be generally set in three type:

Type A: Enthusiastic

An Enthusiastic newcomer is a great passionate of GNOME, is a GNOME user and generally decides to use some of his time to give a hand.
He has not a well established idea about what he can do, but he wants to contribute.
Probably he’ll start to follow as much ML as he can, join IRC channel, proposing himself for every task.
What he really needs is a guide not only a Mentor, but someone who can address him to the right team,   supply some indication about guidelines and more important, give him some task to do, that could help him to perfectly feel himself as a part of community.

Risks and potentialities: An Enthusiastic newcomer is proud to serve the project he chose, is very participative, but his outburst risks to burn away and fall very quickly, if he doesn’t find the right way to  take part of community.

Type B: Passionate

A Passionate newcomer is a volunteer provided of some experience in GNOME world.
He could be a GNOME user, and very often he came from other FOSS projects.
He desires offer his capabilities and some amount of his time in developing some specific part of project.
What he really needs is to find well defined task to do and some people who could steer him in early days.

Risks and potentialities: A Passionate newcomer is usually a professional who has little time to spend, but can offer a significant know-how. Generally his contribute is not daily, but often very relevant and long-lasting.

Type C: Technician

A Technician newcomer approach a community bringing a great experience.
Usually he has a technical background and is a first class citizen in FOSS world.
Coder or not coder, he has a great familiarity with community tools.
What he really needs is to find well written documentation and guidelines, and some project in which he cans easily take part.

Risks and potentialities: whatever be the know-how brought by a Technichian newcomer, it will be valuable; the main risks involve only the capability of newcomer to integrate his knowledge to work-flow.

Howdy, newcomer!

A very relevant issue we should take in consideration, is how a newcomer joins GNOME.
My personal opinion is through IRC Channels.
A direct contact is always the best, IMHO, but IRC Channels can’t be enough to provide detailed info.
This should be the role of gnome.org/ gnome.org/get-involved/ pages.
I’ve been really pleased to notice that design renewal of the site occurred for GNOME 3.8 released highlights Discover GNOME3, FoG Campaign and Get Involved project.


But Get involved page is maybe a little confusing.

So, what do you want to do?

This question perfectly fits needs of Type B and Type C newcomers, but type A?
Very often a Type A newcomer doesn’t know what he wants to do, maybe he barely is aware of what he is able to do.
“Hi, I’m a FOSS passionate, I’m not able to code, I’ve a good command with writing and I speak a good English. What can I do?”

I’m sure every translation team leader is smiling 🙂

I’ve a long searched a graphical way to immediately depict if skills and team requests match via comparison tables or similar tools, but I didn’t find a good solution.


GNOME has a great initiative, GNOME love, but how can I find some info about GNOME love in Get involved page? At the very bottom of this page.


I’ve browsed through many FOSS pages and their “Get involved” pages are very similar to each other.
I believe we should give more relevance to all the GNOME love initiative: GNOME love logo should be put in evidence on the upper part of “Get involved page” (I’ve tried to draw some mock up but it wasn’t really remarkable) and immediately has to catch newcomers focus.

Are you just arrive? Take a look to our GNOME Love program for newcomers!

GNOME Love pages, in my opinion, should be a very easy page, with a large use of Icons referring to each team, the name, mail and or nick of some referents for each project, a IRC channel (if present) and some quick info about most common used programs, technologies and tools.

Something like this http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/apps or like https://developer.apple.com/programs/ios/

GNOME Love pages should furthermore provide easy to use samples and tutorials like these  (and don’t forget translation!) which could be integrated and represent an effective starting point.


I’m not pretty sure of which solution works as a charm to encourage newcomers outreach in GNOME Community; I can’t be sure that my proposals will be realized or perfectly match with GNOME lacks, I hope nevertheless they could be useful, in some ways.

I believe that every newcomer who becomes a volunteer and maybe a Member is a great achieve of whole community, GNOME Community, and FOSS Community.
Sometimes it’s hard, because newcomers are often very demanding and mentors are always too busy, but I believe it’s worth trying.
This is my last post as GNOME OPW intern, and if this internship has been so exciting, I have to say thanks to my mentors, Karen and Sriram, but to all the people I’ve met during last three months.

My OPW internship is over, but my work in GNOME is going ahead.

With love,

Flavia 🙂



GNOME 3.8: Proud to be there

GNOME 3.8 has been finally released, as everybody knows.
But what really you can’t imagine, it’s the deep sense of pride and excitation you can try out in feeling yourself part of this fantastic adventure.
I’m member of Ubuntu, but albeit I’ve always taken part of Marketing team, I’ve never felt so involved previously.
I suppose it depends from the deep differences in power relations between Canonical and Ubuntu in regard of a community driven project as GNOME.
I haven’t wrote code, or drawn interfaces, but I’ve been asked to write up a draft of Press Release, and I can swear it has been exciting.
Obviously everyone in Marketing team made of his best to improve earlier text, and I feel it was born as a awesome mix of different passions and backgrounds.
What I really get from this experience is that everyone is truly capable to add his help in this project, and that GNOME 3.8 is really a common effort.

GNOME 3.8 has been the very first release I’ve been involved to, and I’m proud to be there.


Blogging time! (OPW week #8)

Blogging time here in Rome!
Last two weeks have been very demanding for me… Moreover flu and elections (I have run as officer) stroke me hard.
Nevertheless, I’ve done my job 🙂

Ad articles!

During last days I’ve completed the interview to Andrea Veri. I wrote an article and explained the hard work of sysadmin 🙂
I uploaded to gnome.org, and hope that very soon it will be available to be read!

UPDATE: my article is finally out! Thanks to Fabiana, Andreas and Juanjo!!! You can read it here!

Interviews! Interviews!

Finally I’ve completed the interview to Greg KH, I need to collect a pair of interviews to start publishing them.
But it’s ready… stay tuned 🙂

Then I’ve prepared and sent questions to interview Brett Legree… I’m waiting for his answers 🙂

Moreover, I’m looking for some GNOME 3 users to purpose for new interviews… And I have some cats in my bags…

GNOME 3.8 release plan.

In a month GNOME 3.8 will be released, and everyone in marketing team is very excited and deeply involved in release notes and press release writing.

I don’t feel very comfortable with release notes, but I’d like to put my experience as journalist on press release.

In relation of GNOME 3.8 release instead, I’ve planned with Allan to write a couple of interviews, and I’ve set the first one with William Jon McCann for next Friday…

…and last but not least…..

My work on newcomers is still in progress… I’m working on something new that improves the research I’ve just done…

But this will be a surprise…

New interesting issues are coming… Stay connected!

Flavia 🙂


The hidden work (OPW week #3)

It seems very incredible, but I’ve already arrived at my third week of this wonderful adventure that this OPW is representing for me.

Almost a quarter of this trip is over and I’m here to tell what I’ve done.

Marketing work is hidden, but I knew it. All the subtle details you see, even those you don’t notice, require painstaking labor, and there is much I’ve done, much I’m working on and, of course, much I’ve planned to do.

Article about Keyboard data.

GNOME desktop is released in many localized versions. GNOME developers refer to a database to predict which keyboard layouts are relevant to a user. The developers are collecting data to fix database bugs and to improve localization.

This is the post I’ve written (thanks to Allan for his patience!) and this is the project page.

 Next article instead will concern Andrea Veri, who has joined GNOME as a part-time SysAdmin: we’ve already discussed the key elements of this post, and write it will be one of the tasks I’ll devote the next few days. 🙂

Interviews! Interviews!

I’ve been asked by Karen to help her in preparing some interviews to very cool GNOME 3 users.

And the first one is really really cool: Greg Kroah-Hartman.

 What I’ve done is to compose a draft for a questionnaire, divided in three sections: the first one with some general questions about how and when the interviewee began to use GNOME3, which part of GNOME 3 she/he likes most, if they use extensions, and so on.

The second part strictly depends on interviewee, there are questions involving her/his interests; the third part consists of tips for newcomers and the request for a quote: I believe our interviewees are inspiring people, and I like to ask them who/what has been inspiring for them.

I’ve sent everything to Greg, I hope to make this interview public very soon, I’m very excited and proud of this work.

Many thanks to Karen for making my questions smarter – she is an awesome donna. 🙂 –

Now I’m planning to interview Brett Legree, I’m wondering what can I ask a nuclear engineer!

Outreach project.

This is probably the project that will ask my effort during all my OPW.

Sriram asked me to do marketing research about newcomers: to list key elements in successful outreach.

What I’ve found is that, generally, a successful outreach depends from a good mentorship.

As Sriram has brilliantly summarized, you need a human touch.

But this is only the first step to plenty understand how can GNOME Community becoming as welcoming as it desires to be.

I was planning to prepare a survey to submit to newcomers, current and past OPW and SoC interns, but Marina suggested me to contact Kevin Carrillo, who reached out to several open source communities with a survey in late 2012, focusing on outreach activities, and got hundreds of responses.

We got in touch and now we’ll work together for a while.

I don’t know where we’ll arrive, but we’re going. 🙂

FoG meme.

More than a project, this is an idea I had.

I was drinking a cup of tea from my GNOME mug, and I thought that could be funny make and share a G+ post showing the mug and linking FoG campaign (this is my post).

I work very much to this post, that in my idea should be re-shared like a “meme”.

Unfortunately, at moment this post is still unsatisfying, is lacking of groove and even if Juanjo Marin spent some of his night-time time to work on it with me, I’m not sure this project will be completed. 😦

Ok, I suppose that for this time is really enough!

If you like, you could put an eye on my sandbox, where I write-up my ideas…

For all the rest…stay tuned, news are arriving! 🙂